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What creates happiness?

It doesn’t matter how much we pretend to look like we’re in control or wear the nicest outfit.
Picking the perfect eyebrows.

Invest in the newest kitchen shutters from interior design magazines. We can look successful. Have many friends around us, nice CV or thousands of followers. Do everything right on paper according to the standard.

But the feeling inside of you speaks for itself. Your energy.
You can still be completely empty inside.

I have coached incredibly financial successful people. Who worked really hard. But who came to me because they were deeply unhappy and wondered why.

When everything looks so right based on logic and external factors. But if you’re building an empire for your parents’ sake or because that’s what you think is expected of you. So happiness does not appear even though you reach the goal. Because it was not your own soul’s and hearts desire. You gave yourself away.

Therefore it 100% pays to work on your personal and spiritual development. Always. You become aware of your true values , your intuition o importans of boundaries and to your heart. To become more energy conscious and know you can influence so much yourself. On your way. And redirect..

But this knowing can also be frustrating. When that awareness sinks in. Because I see it as we are responsible for our own lives so when it rubs off. We can’t blame others or circumstances because it’s about solving the situation. Therefore as awakening is dizzying and really shadow work to go throw.

When I’m at my happiest, I can look like this picture here. Not fixed my hair or outer look. I can laugh at a small thing and gaze at a bird and feel pure joy. Just Watching my kids eat and see there light.

Cause the outer looks is not important in that moment. Cause my soul sings in my heart and everything is beautiful as it is. I can appriciate what I have.

Summary: To live from your own values and be in the now moment and feel gratitude are keys to happiness.. 🧚🏼

This is an processes of tools to get there, that needs to be integrated into your every day life so the change will accour. If you want to I can be your coach, mentor and healer in this process of investing in your own happiness in life.

What is happiness to you? ❤️

With love,

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